Saturday, February 3, 2007

The next you tube

Hi all,
Big companies are making money off our every move on the Internet. Small companies are getting sold for hundreds of billions and the users that create these companies aren’t seeing a cent. This is not right. I finally found a company that wants to give me my fair share. It’s called AGLOCO (short for “A Global Community”), and they want to give us a piece of the money we generate every time we’re on the Internet. I signed up, and I’d like you to do the same. First because you have nothing to lose and I don’t want you to miss out if it’s the next Google. Second, I’m trying to help build their community, since they recognize my help and pay me extra for the people I refer. Again, we’ve got nothing to lose for signing up and it could be a great opportunity. When you sign up, just make sure you use my reference ID:BBBS8515 so I can get credit as a community builder. Or click on this link
Remember we have the power....